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WRWD and Attorney Jonna Spilbor presents "Wine & Spirits"

WRWD and Attorney Jonna Spilbor presents

WRWD and Attorney Jonna Spilbor present our next "Wine & Spirits" in Orange County!

Join us Wednesday night, October 22nd at Fallkirk Estate and Country Club - 206 Smith Clove Road in Central Valley - starting at 6pm for an evening of appetizers and cocktails as intuitive medium Deborah Hanlon connects to our friends and loved ones on the other side.

Admission is just $50. Please call 845-790-1775 (one-SEVEN-SEVEN-five) to reserve your place at this special evening.

“Wine & Spirits” Wednesday night, October 22nd, sponsored by Jonna Spilbor Law – 485-2LAW


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